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Looking forward: May 2017

It’s good to be back! After a brief hiatus, we have resumed the new and improved director’s report for our membership.

We weren’t sure if this was adding value or just another e-mail filling  your inbox, but our absence was noticed. By popular demand we are re-instituting our regular director’s report in a mobile friendly format that allows for commenting and social sharing.

Edition highlights include (click the links below):

We hope you enjoy this edition and we look forward to hearing from you.

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    ➤ Our bold new path

    With the implementation of our visionary Strategic Plan in 2015, the College embarked on a bold new path – one that will see us transforming the way that we execute our leadership role. The plan is ambitious and while disruptive, builds on existing College programs to engage our growing membership base while generating new revenues.

    The Board is closely monitoring progress using a reporting dashboard against each of the 3 strategic directions. Members can follow the progress by accessing the dashboard through the home page of the members area or the Strategic Directions page.

    ➤ Supporting, enabling and guiding our members

    The College, and its Board who act as Stewards of the Mission, is committed to developing, promoting, advancing and recognizing excellence in health leadership. We recognize that our value proposition must keep pace with the needs of today’s leaders. To truly influence the Canadian leadership landscape, we must embark on new initiatives – actions that will support, enable and guide our members as they discharge their leadership roles.

    ➤ Asking, thanking and informing

    Communicating early and often is critically important to our success. We need to be continuously gathering and acting on feedback from our members to ensure that our actions hit the mark. While we will summarize our work – our activities are incomplete without your feedback. In other words, we need to hear from you! We encourage all of our members to share their insights and feedback on all of our work.


    ➤ Transforming the College by campaign

    A key, and perhaps most important, activity of the College will be our upcoming Membership Campaign. We recognize that today’s leaders are discerning. They want and need rapidly consumable information – and a belonging to a community that is dynamic and forward-thinking. Our drive to bring new members into the College will consider these needs while we strive for a goal of having 4000+ members by the year 2020. Please support your local chapter with the ‘member-raising’ events and initiatives taking place throughout the year.

    ➤ All Aboard!

    Driven by our Chapters, the College now has an Onboarding program in place. Designed to support the engagement of new members – providing everyone with a positive first experience with the College.

    ➤ Making the CHE all it can be

    Our active engagement of employers is designed to showcase the CHE designation while making it the ‘designation of choice’ for employers. Our partnerships and agreements are focused on the broad/National uptake of the CHE.

    ➤ LEADing the way

    LEADS continues to be at the forefront of leadership development. We are continuing to build on our success to-date and are working to establish a strategy to certify LEADS Executive Coaches and Facilitators/Consultants. Creating the LEADS Community for Practice continues also be our area of focus – we believe that this is the optimal vehicle to connect all those who use LEADS. Please click here for more information on Leads and how it can help you and your organization.


    ➤ The Great Canadian Healthcare Debate…debates on

    In collaboration with HealthCareCAN, the Great Canadian Healthcare Debate has proven to be a great success for NHLC and has demonstrated its power as a mechanism to actively engage Canada’s leaders. The policy resolutions generated by the debate are fast-becoming the incubator for advocacy with government, collaboration with partners, topics for conferences and chapter events, and articles being published in Healthcare Management Forum.

    ➤ National conversation
    For late 2017, we are planning a “National Conversation” – stemming from the Debate. Stay tuned for more details!

    ➤ Nice to virtually meet you
    Connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Hear from our chapters, members and partners by following #CCHLeaders on Twitter.

    ➤ CCHL and the leaders of the roundtable

    For many years, the Health Professionals’ Roundtable on Strategy (HPRS) has been a high impact vehicle to bring the College, Canada’s leaders and influencers and the private sector together. The College must not rest on past successes of one of our marquee events. The HPRS is under review to ensure that our forum for public/private collaboration continues to be relevant to our members. More news to come.


    ➤ What’s in your toolbox?

    Working with CPSI Patient Safety Consortium and HealthCareCAN the College is part of a working group developing standards and toolkits for senior leadership and governance in patient safety.

    ➤ You asked, we heard

    While many of our members have expressed interest in participating on our international study tours – these same members have told us that attending was cost prohibitive. To support In response to member needs offering local study tours at the chapter level and at both the NHLC and BC Health Leaders Conferences to showcase excellence in Canada.

    ➤ Together we get better

    Expanding the reach of the College’s mentorship program by increasing the number of chapters offering a local mentorship program or mentorship-related events.

    ➤ Building global leadership frameworks

    The College is a Global Partner with like-minded associations in other countries and the International Hospital Federation (IHF) in the creation of a Global Management Competency Directory that can be used by countries without leadership frameworks as a strategy to improve their training programs, performance assessment and management capacity.  The competency directory was approved for release at the IHF annual conference in 2016.


    ➤ Annual General Meeting – June 11, 2017, Vancouver, BC

    Honouring Health Leadership – June 11, 2017, Vancouver, BC
         (registration closes June 1, 2017)

    National Health Leadership Conference – June 12-13, Vancouver, BC

    LEADS Exchange Day – June 14, Vancouver, BC

    BC Health Leaders Conference – October 11-13, Victoria, BC

    Chapter Events

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